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I have worked with Alexius for some time, and she is wonderful -- knowledgeable, supportive, motivating and fun.  She has a way of making you forget that you are working hard.    

Amy Crawford
Director of Development, Workforce Management
McKesson Connected Care & Analytics Director

Active Bodez is great!  I've lost weight before but it never stuck.  Now I'm healthy and in the best  shape ever.  Adding the weight training has made all  the difference in the world and I hate to miss it now.  They make it very easy and convenient to get  your workout in even with work, kids, and other appointments.  They are  really friendly and encouraging and I highly  recommend them to anyone!  Going there has  definitely made a huge difference in my life. 

Tiffany Davis
Programming Team Leader Biostatistics  

I had worked with personal trainers before but never actually followed through for very long because I got frustrated with myself because I wasn’t very confident in a large gym setting.  Alexis and Scott have encouraged me to feel confident that I can build muscle and push myself to increase my exercise. 

Nancy Wazenegger, RN, BSN
Operations Manager Medical Communications

The staff pushes me just enough and they are always trying to provide education and explain why we do exercises in a particular way.  They are great motivators and I look forward to working out usually 4-5 days per week.

Sarah Clark
Senior Consultant Pharmacist, Medical Information